Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Joy on the way to the land of The Mouse

Dateline - Savannah Georgia, Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008
According to church calendars, you will have to wait over 220 years before you experience another Easter this early in the year as today. It might seem as long since there was a post to this blog.
When we last left the hero of our story, he was returning to school, anxious to reintegrate and in preparation for his first trip to Orlando and Disneyworld. At the same time on other fronts, parents and friends and onlookers eagerly awaited the arrival of news regarding the health of recently removed tissue form Evan.
As the dateline indicates, in a serendipitous/coincidental/Godcidental turn of events, this highest of high holy Christian holidays has seen us receive on biopsies and the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime (at least that’s what the marketing folks at Disney say).
With no further ado, while 3 pages in length covering in excess of 40 tissue samples, all results were deemed to be negative for melanoma of any type. That is not to say that all things are perfect or that all things are known. Rather, for the eyes, brains, and knowledge base of the greatest minds in this arena of medicine there will always be unanswered questions about what is going on in the tissue in Evan’s back. But currently we have stepped back from the precipice; and with that news, what better time for us all to take a vacation and celebrate a rebirth of life in our family. No better day of the year could have been chosen.
As a famous admiral once said “I have not yet begun the fight”, so the same could be said for Evan and his life journey. Up next, serial PET-CT scans, to confirm prior diagnosis and then we will fall back into a regular regimen of dermatology appointments and vigilant observation.
In the first posting to this blog in early December 2007, a five year timeline determines ones cancer survivorship status. With that in mind, Evan would like to invite you to the mother of all bashes, November 15, 2013, location, attire and theme to be announced at a later date. This may seem overly optimistic, but we have heard it said, it is very difficult to experience success if you do not plan for it.
All planning and forward thinking aside, many who we meet have been kind enough to comment on how well we have handled this as a family. Truth be told, we have not handled this very well at all, rather, we have entrusted the situation to our Lord; and the thoughts, prayers and well wishes of readers like you. Frankly, without the hope, prayers and gifts (time, food, a listening ear, and a supportive hug) we would have been a wreck. The words, “thank you” will never do justice to the gratitude we feel to all of you. This does not mean that the battle is over or that your payers would not be desired, instead, we would ask that you would now see this “race” as a marathon.
As commentators of this “race” we promise to do a better job of consistent and relevant postings, please forgive the delays with this post and chalk it up the editor’s unfounded superstitious desire not to tempt fate.
Coming soon – Pictures from the Orlando celebration.