Saturday, September 27, 2008

No news, Good news, and Bad news. . .

Another interesting day in the medical life of Evan Coleman. Friday, September 26, 2008 saw Evan in Detroit seeing Dr. Tor Shwayder (Pediatric Dermatologist) where photos were compared from 6 days of age to 6 years of age to current time. Conclusions. . . fascinating situation, no historical context, consider seeing Dr. Marghoob, consider CGH of 6 week sample from same area on Evan's back, and continue to wait, watch and see. At the same time in San Francisco, Dr. Bastian (Geneticist with interest in pigmented lesions) was getting his first draft of his report ready. Dr. Bastian was kind enough to give us a call with the preliminary results, medical conclusions and proposed plans of action.
We haver not received his final written report, and so the information shared here is paraphrased from a half hour conversation while the author was driving down a freeway during Detroit rush hour.
There are chromosomal abnormalities, but they are not consistent with melanoma. The histological presentation is sarcotamous (like a sarcoma – soft tissue malignancy). There is no record of any person having a sarcoma arising in a GCN. When given Evan's clinical history, Dr. Bastian expressed a profound curiosity and offered to study not only the current tissue, but could we get tissue from the original sample taken when Evan was 6 weeks old. This he offered to do of his own volition in his private lab. His gut instinct is an atypical proliferative nodule with sarcomatous presentation, something that has never been seen before.
In conclusion our fears shift from one type of cancer to another (melanoma to sarcoma), testing will continue, and we continue to be vigilant observation concentrating on lymph or glandular involvement, areas of breakdown, and generally protecting the area in question to avoid unnecessary contacts and traumas. Thank you for your continued prayers. We find ourselves continuing on the path of the unknown, and your thoughts and prayers offer constant light to our way.
Combining work with pleasure is a requirement for a young man on the go. So Evan engaged in some fun activities with friends and family while out of town. First he went with his friends Courtney, Lily and Ethan out buying property in Detroit. As you might have heard, property values in Detroit are not what they used to be. Here, Ethan is acquiring a couple of homes for $200. Following a late night out on the town with his friends, it was a relaxing tractor ride into the orchards of Michigan to pick bushels of apples with family. Later today Evan will be cutting up the dance floor at his cousin's wedding. No pictures at this time, and the videos may be classified, but we'll try to smuggle some into the blog for the next episode. Till next time . . .

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you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. it was wonderful seeing you at the wedding, you're growing up so quick. don't grow too fast or your be taller than me before long! you're such a trooper and such an inspiration to me.

cousin becky