Monday, October 27, 2008

Where to go from here?

Information continues to come in. A little here and a little there. Our latest information is encouraging, but the advice was discouraging. The information was that the tissue samples which have been genetically analyzed are neither melanoma nor sarcoma; however, the microscopic cell presentation indicates a sarcoma like growth pattern.
The advice we sought was requested without a definitive diagnosis; we asked for a gut instinct. What we got was a kick in the gut. The gist: seek a skilled cancer surgeon familiar with both GCN and sarcoma resection; and a skilled reconstruction/plastic surgeon. Together they would perform a wide margin excision of all potentially affected tissue and reconstruct the body around the hole that would be created.
We could rant, cry, or scream; We’ve done that all before, and We’ll likely do it again, at an appropriate time; however, that time is not now. Now is once again a time for action. Our plan is simple: Pray - for guidance, wisdom, and intersession. Do the research, consider a team, have different tests ordered and completed, and pray some more. Not necessarily in that order. We did not hear the news we wanted to hear on Friday; but we got sound advice - no matter what the mass is, we must come up with a reasonable plan for approaching its existence.
In summary. Evan has a tumor/lesion/growth; no doctor knows what it is; many know what it is not - including normal, melanoma, sarcoma, proliferate nodule; Our quest takes two paths simultaneously: What is IT? What to do about IT? In pursuit of the answers we return to North Carolina, and UNC Chapel Hill.
In the latest episode of medically inspired geo-adventures of our hero; Evan ventured into the Big Apple. One more time, thank you to all who have so generously given that we can find time to distract him from 400 lb gorilla in the room. We would list the sites, but sometimes its just fun to see the pictures and put the sites in your own words.

Your continued thoughts and prayers are a blessing and constant source of comfort to us all. We shall continue to keep you informed of personal and medical news as it arises.

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Jan said...

You don't know me, but I am praying for Evan and for your family. I live in Asheville and heard about Evan at New Hope Presbyterian Church. (I work in the office and Margot is one of my favorite people!) I will continue praying -- for healing for Evan, and for God's peace and wisdom as you seek the next step!