Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're Home

We arrived home today about 5:00pm. We had a pain pill about 30 mins before we left and he slept most of the way home, which was good because the getting in and out of the car was tough! Thanks to having a wheel chair delivered to our house yesterday, we were able to lift him in the wheelchair up the front steps, as he hasn’t started walking yet. It’s still pretty painful to put weight on the left leg where the donor site for the skin graft was taken.

He is glad to be home, albeit a hospital bed in the dining room. But his buddy Snoopy (our dog) was sure glad to see him and hasn’t left his side since we got homeJ

We don’t have any pathology reports back yet. We are scheduled for a return visit Monday to UNC to see the onco-surgeon and next Thursday the plastic surgeon who will do a dressing change.

God’s grace is sufficient…and we really appreciate all the cards, calls, visits, gifts and foodJ Nana, Granddad and Morgan have done a good job holding down the fort while we were away.

Evan’s baby cousin, Joshua, also underwent surgery today back home in Michigan which was successful, so we have lots to be thankful for todayJ

Love and many thanks,
Paul, Lizy, Morgan and Evan <><

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Anonymous said...

Lizy, Paul, Evan and Morgan: You have all been in my thoughts and prayers, but especially this past week. I have shared your story with friends and family - please know that many people are praying for you. God's blessings - Linda Isbell and family.