Monday, February 4, 2008

Fish Whiskers and Horse Biscuits

Evan’s paternal grandmother, Nana, a very wise woman, has rules. Good rules, but rules none the less. One very important rule is: swearing is bad, using swear words is a sign of an uneducated mind. Not wishing to appear uneducated, but dealing with pain that demands the use of some expletives; Evan has stepped up the plate and delivered a home run. Enter Evan's words of the day "Fish Whiskers" and "Horse Biscuits".

Evan’s advice is simple. Fish Whiskers is said between closed lips while clenching teeth. It is used at times of great physical exertion while dealing with prolonged persistent pain. Horse Biscuits is delivered with one’s head leaning back and upwards towards the ceiling/sky, in a deep guttural yell. This technique is reserved for those sharp, sudden and unexpected pains typically experienced when someone steps on your foot, kicks you in the shin, or unexpectedly moves a skin graft donor site without warning.

The ability to fight through the pain using these simple techniques is highly recommended to all who might face physical challenge or pain.

Evan’s tips on a happy healthy recuperation will soon look at the benefits of Lego as an occupational therapy and constructive encouragement technique in the near future. For now, from Evan to you, good bye, good health and God bless.


drew said...

I am in a doctoral program with your uncle, Jon Coleman. He share this link. I am currently in Ireland for work and catching up on emails. I think "Horse biscuts" may be a good addition to our family's vocabulary. I will share it with my two kids when I get home this weekend. take care.


Peter said...

Hi, Evan:

I heard from your uncle Jon that you have won 7th grade science fair last year with your own robot. I really admire you; that were my dream when I was young and I never have the chance to build one. It is still in my night dream... It would be nice to see a picture of the one you built.

Praise God for He has gifted you with wisdom. I pray you will have a quick and complete recovery soon. May God shower His abundant blessings on you!


Byron said...

Hi Evan,

Your uncle Jon emailed me about your link. I agree with your Nana about uneducated minds and bad words. In fact, I have a "cussin" jar in my office at work. It actually says Cussin Jar right on it. Everytime someone says a bad word, they have to put $1 in the jar. The good news is: I was able to donate almost $50 to charity after only 6 months. The bad news is: that's a whole lot of cussin. Next time someone says the wrong thing, I'll share your idea about using horse biscuits and fish whiskers instead.

Take care and may God bless you,


Mary said...


your word choices are great! Just don't call any of your doctors "Knucklehead McSpazatron!" That may not go over well!
We love you,
Aunt Mary, Uncle David, Jeremy, Katie and Riley

Anonymous said...

Hi Evan!!

I work with your uncle Jon at Ford in beautiful Dearborn, MI (not really :-) He shared your link with me and I am amazaed at your strength and courage. We should all remember how lucky we are and what a gift God has given us. My family and I will keep you in our prayers. I look forward to reading about your progress and I wish you a quick recovery. Take care of yourself!!

Jen Attanasio

StephM said...

Hi Evan,
Greetings from Wyandotte, MI. My name is Stephanie and I work at Ford, with your Uncle Jon. Your parents have put together a really cool website for you. I look forward to checking back to learn of your progress.
My son, Nicholas also loves legos. He likes to watch the Lego stop animation movies, have you seen those?
In my attempts to keep Nicholas entertained, I came across a couple of Lego related websites, you might enjoy checking out. This first one showcases really cool contraptions built with the Mindstorm products.
Next is a website from a Professional Lego builder. He gets paid to make things out of Legos, how cool is that?
Hope you enjoy the links, and that you're feeling better soon.
Stephanie Miello

Gene said...


Your Uncle Jon said you really like robotics and you won the 7th grade science fair. Congratulations!! That's a great achievement. I have been involved in robotic planning software in past projects for the US Air Force. They use robots to refuel airplances on air strips under enemy fire.

My current company i work for is also involved in robotics. Here is a link that describes this work.

I hope you find it interesting.


Gene said...

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Gene said...


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