Saturday, February 23, 2008

Into the World, "What? A party for me?"

Two weeks of healing, two weeks of learning patience, two weeks of giving thanks, two weeks of waiting. Since Evan dumped his walker he has progressed rapidly, perhaps too rapidly for his parents. The protective bandages have been removed and twice daily dressing changes have been exchanged for lotion rub downs and scar massage. To the average adult, the thought of lotion and massages conjures up images of spas and aroma therapy. Evan sees things in a different light. All his involved skin is hyper sensitive, and scar massage is not a comfortable process, besides he would rather play with his favorite birthday present (or anything else for that matter.
Segue; Evan celebrated his 9th birthday on February 16. He though his sister left for the weekend as his personal present, she actually was on a confirmation retreat. As parents we decided not to ruin the moment and share that she would be returning on Sunday. Each day is special and brings new joys, but birthdays are extra special, and so we had an Evan day. First there was the Lego at the foot of the bed, followed by a terrific breakfast care of Mommy, then we all (Granddad, Mommy, Daddy and Evan) went to see the Spiderwyck Chronicles. The day was complete with peanuts, steak and a Logan’s ‘Yee-Haw!’ The day was complete with an early bedtime before a busy and eventful week.
His favorite birthday present, a PSP from Matt and Angie has rarely left his side, and Evan loves to see if he can access the internet wherever he goes. He will do anything to get to . Monday was a full day out with Dad at work, Tuesday was the same. By Wednesday he was ready to stop dressing changes and have a try at going back to school. Half a day seemed just about right to start, and by Thursday he was back to full time (No PE/Gym or recess for a few more weeks). Thankfully Mrs. Hefner brought homework to Evan while he was off (Not so thankfully for him) that when he got back he did not have tons of stuff to make up.
Now we wait. We wait for results, we wait for bills, we wait for Disney World. It is unlikely that we will hear any results before March. The speed with which information was shared prior to full and consensus opinion could be established before means that we will patiently wait. Evan believes that he is going through this so that God can show the power of miracles in the world today. After all science has a hard time explaining so much of the circumstances around what happens in his body.
We have begun to receive the bills. These are not unexpected, although even the jaded parents with medical backgrounds have had a few face blanching moments upon envelope opening. Ah, the joys of an imperfect health system, caring parents, a sick child with a rare illness, and a political system where no one has the intestinal fortitude to meet the problem truly head on (but lest this blog take on a political tone, we digress) .
And then there’s Disney World. The confluence of Spring Break, a child’s requirement to visit the Magic Kingdom, and the replacement of hard wood floors has ‘forced’ us to retire to central Florida at the end of March. This will be our own Extreme Home Makeover vacation and we are all really looking forward to a little fresh-from-the-grove orange juice. Till we write again please keep each other in your prayers as we keep you in ours. Love Evan and Co.


Stokely82 said...

What up Buddy? I'm so glad so hear that you are feeling better, although i hear you had a little cold this week (so did Addie). I'm so jealous you get to go to Disney World. You better get a picture with Stitch for me! I can't wait to come down and spend time with you in August, we will have lots of fun. I hope school is going good smartie pants. Talk to you soon. Lots of love, Monkey

jb said...

Evan we are so glad your doing well. We all have been think of you and praying for all of you. Today is the first time I have been able to get into the blog site, I knew things were slow in Ortonville when Greg moved us here and they still are. Evan you are one awesome young man hang in there we know you will you are very strong because you come from strong, mom, dad, morgan and all of your family we too are praying and thinking of all of you. I will keep up on your progress. Know you are on the prayer list at St Annes here in Ortonville. Continue to take care of each other. God Bless and our Love
Patti Mom of Backs Joshua,Jodie,Jacqueline,Jolene and wife of Greg.